Things You Will Want For A Multi Day Hike


Setting out on a multi-day hike is exciting and rewarding. Being in the outdoors for a few days is a great way to challenge yourself and at the same time relax. With so many great hikes and trails the world round, it isn’t difficult to find somewhere to experience the great outdoors wherever you may be. Before you head out on your trek, you are going to want to make sure you bring the right equipment to both survive and to enjoy your time. Make sure these items are packed.


Multi day hike implies you will be sleeping in the wilderness. With the elements ever changing it is important you have the right shelter at night. Picking up a lightweight, easy to carry tent that protects you from elements is a must when hiking. Browse reviews online or ask an expert at your nearest outdoors store to see what tent will be right for you.

Sleeping bag

A lightweight sleeping bag is needed when doing a few day trek. You don’t want it to take up much room in your bag but you do need to stay warm. The technology for these sleeping bags has come along way in the last 10 years so look at upgrading if you have an old bulky sleeping bag.


Having dehydrated foods is going to save you a lot of extra weight. It also doesn’t require many cooking utensils. Soups, packaged meals high in protein and jerky are a multi-day hikers bread and butter. A knife and a pot is all you really need to pack if you are multi-day over landing.


If you are using a GPS and taking photos on your trip you will want to pack a power bank to keep these gadgets charged. Finding electricity is sometimes impossible so its best to be prepared with a backup charger.


Always dress in layers. It hot in the day when you are hiking so wearing sweat-wicking clothing and not cotton is going to keep you comfortable. At night temperatures drop and having a lightweight fleece is handy. Make sure to wear ankle supported hiking boots. After many hours spent hiking it’s important that your boots keep your ankles supported.

Hiking Poles

A handy tool to help easy the strain on your back and legs. These light weight poles will assist you when you have long distances to cover. A wise investment on long distance hikes. Prices range from 20-50 dollars a pole.