Head to Antalya this year!


Antalya, or Ataturk as it is also known, has been described by many travel writes as the most beautiful place not the planet, and they are definitely not wrong in their description. This tourist hotspot has some of the most stunning views that you are ever going to see anywhere in Turkey. Turkey, in my opinion, is probably one of the best places for you to go on holiday this year. It has everything you need to have the perfect break away from your usual hectic life; amazing food, weather, beaches, people and sites to see. I cannot recommend Antalya holidays enough, if you’re heading to Turkey then you have to pay a visit to this great location or even spend your whole time there. Now is the best time to book your break because the travel industry offers it’s best deals on the first few months of each new year, the weather is dreadful in the UK right now so it’s the perfect incentive to start looking at places where you can lounge in the sun for the whole day! Here are some top tips for your holiday to Antalya.

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– You will be able to find some fantastic luxury accommodation in Antalya, so if you are looking to live it up on your holiday you are heading to the right place.  A lot of the hotels will have private beaches for you to soak up the sun and enjoy a range of water sports. The area is one of the main places where people come to play golf, because of this you are sure to find some fantastic hotels on offer.

– If you are looking more at a budget holiday then there is a wealth of choices for you here. The best option is for you to stay in one of the smaller hotels in the Old Town area. They offer great value and also put you in prime position to explore the historical sites that Antalya is lucky to have.

– Entertainment is not an issue in the town, it is very modern and developed. I love it because it has a great mix of modern and traditional architecture. There are plenty of activities and things for you to do, so whether partying in night clubs and bars is your think or relaxing by the pool, you are certain to find it here.

– This destination is most popular with tourists from Germany and Scandinavia, so it’s a great way to meet locals but also to meet people from other countries in Europe – the atmosphere is so laid back and friendly that I am sure you will love it!

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