How to choose the right running shoes

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Choosing the right running shoes is essential! You need to find a running show that is comfortable, to make sure of this you need to find one that fits perfectly and is designed for the purposes that you need.


The good news is that milletsports are now stocking the latest running shoes from Asics, I tried them out and can tell you that they are fantastic! I am already enjoying them each and every time I hit the road to get fit before the indulging in the christmas spirit.

Before I selected the Asics pair that I wanted I made sure I went through the checklist I was given by an avid runner. I thought it would be a fantastic idea to share this list with all of you lovely people, by following these tips I guarantee that you will pick the right pair from the milletsports Asics range.

What will you use them for?

All of us run in different locations and in different conditions so it’s essential to think about where you will use your running shoes; for running on the road, on a running trace or even on forest trails. All of the surfaces will require a different type of shoe.

The Length

You should always keep an open mind when it comes to choosing the size of your shoe. One key point to remember is that the more you run the more room your foot will need inside the shoe.

The Width

This is just as important as the length of the shoe. We are not all created equally so some of us will require a narrower or wider fitting shoe than normal.

The Socks

The conditions we run in will reflect the type of socks that we usually wear. Always remember that you must allow for the type of socks you will wear when choosing the shoe.

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