Florida: Flying in the face of holiday novelty

By Oliver Todd from Florida Holidays at Kenwood Travel The beauty of travel of course is its infinite variety. Super-bespoke holidays can now be dreamt up and made reality within a few clicks. A breezy break to an Igloo Hotel on a frozen fjord in Greenland, anyone? It’s all rather exciting and, thanks to improved technology and discount airlines, an increasingly universal option, should we be so inclined. The question to ask in all this though is, with such a vast choice of holiday-type Read more [...]

Newcastle in 48 hours

I think it's fair to say that many of us miss out on experiencing a lot of great destinations simply because they are on our doorstep. We either put off visiting today with the excuse that we can visit any time (though never do), or don't even consider local attractions purely because they are so close to home. But I think it's well worth making the most of what's nearby - after all, somewhere doesn't need to be far away to be amazing. The UK's cities are particularly good places to explore, I think, Read more [...]

5 Best Beaches in Eastern Europe

For too long Western Europe has been stealing the vast majority of the tourism in the European market, but Eastern Europe is finally on the map and it’s planning to fight back! More and more people each summer season are leaving Portugal, Spain and France behind and heading east. Beach holidays in Eastern Europe offer amazing value, from cheaper hotels to 3 course meals for a fraction of the prices you’d expect to pay in more ‘established’ holiday destinations. It’s no wonder that Read more [...]

Head to Antalya this year!

Antalya, or Ataturk as it is also known, has been described by many travel writes as the most beautiful place not the planet, and they are definitely not wrong in their description. This tourist hotspot has some of the most stunning views that you are ever going to see anywhere in Turkey. Turkey, in my opinion, is probably one of the best places for you to go on holiday this year. It has everything you need to have the perfect break away from your usual hectic life; amazing food, weather, beaches, Read more [...]
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