Making the most of a romantic break

Are you just dying to get away with your partner somewhere romantic and luxurious? Have you been stuck in the grind of daily life for too long and really want a great vacation to spice up your relationship? It might be time for a romantic break away. This is the opportunity to rekindle your love for your partner and really add some zest to your relationship. You also get to bond together in a special way by exploring a new place and sharing new experiences together. Romantic breaks are necessary Read more [...]

Global locations for amazing photo opportunities

The modern traveler is usually well equipped to take amazing photographs, and even our phones can now capture incredible images. Once they are captured, you can share the images with your friends, and even monetize your experiences with tools such as Dreamstime. Today, it’s not so much about the camera we carry as it is about the places we visit. The world is full of amazing photos; you just have to find them! Let’s look at some of the best spots around the globe.   Asia   Asia Read more [...]

Once in a lifetime artists to see on your travels

There are certain musical experiences that span generations. Few will forget The Beatles first American performance or Jimi Hendrix’s set at Woodstock. If you love to travel, you too could have the chance to catch a legendary concert. With a little research and foresight, it’s possible for any traveler to time their holiday with their favorite musician’s performance. Globalization means that more artists are performing abroad than ever before, so why not take advantage! Let’s looks at a few Read more [...]

Year abroad gone wrong?

Planning an exciting gap year often involves just the itinerary for each unknown destination but it pays to be more precise with your planning just in case something goes drastically wrong. According to research, some of the most common requests for assistance from embassies and consulates worldwide include: lack of medical or personal injury insurance and travelers running out of or a total loss of money. Travelers who are away for a long time are advised to include personal injury and personal Read more [...]
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