London is a city that can be classified as being as old as the hills… despite the utter paucity of them, yet it offers so much it is a must go to place for everyone.  The city is steeped in so much tradition and history that some locals themselves have not an iota of what they are missing out on. There is so much London in the press that it looks as if people only visit for film festivals, fashion weeks and shopping sprees but as London has modernized, the older places that seem to be left out Read more [...]
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The gardens of Madeira

Due to its position in the Atlantic Ocean, the island of Madeira has been blessed with the perfect conditions for many plants and flowers to thrive. It is wet enough to keep them hydrated, but also receives plenty of sunshine for photosynthesis and the wind provides a cooling effect. Add the nourishing earth and the fact that many natives of the island go to a lot of effort to cultivate gardens and you have a paradise of vibrant colour. A summer holiday to Madeira represents the perfect Read more [...]

Exploring Dubai through the Eyes of your Favourite Celebrities   

A gateway between the east and the west, Dubai is a vibrant oasis located amidst the vast Middle Eastern desert land. Among various tourists that come to Dubai, it is not uncommon to hear of some of the A-list celebrities making their way to this vibrant city to soak in its unique culture, pursue some high-end retail therapy and stay at some of the most luxurious hotels that exist in the world. Known for its warm weather all year round, Dubai offers the perfect opportunity for celebrities Read more [...]

How to choose the right running shoes

Choosing the right running shoes is essential! You need to find a running show that is comfortable, to make sure of this you need to find one that fits perfectly and is designed for the purposes that you need. The good news is that milletsports are now stocking the latest running shoes from Asics, I tried them out and can tell you that they are fantastic! I am already enjoying them each and every time I hit the road to get fit before the indulging in the christmas spirit. Before I selected the Read more [...]
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